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One seriously intense dude from the suburbs. Never had much interest or time for sports (though he was briefly spotted on the Cross Country team). Or Band. Or even TV for that matter. Never had a steady girlfriend - just a steady diet of school. Homework. And sleep. Graduated with honors from high school to please his parents. Enrolled in a prestigious east coast university to stay close to his parents. But in his Junior year, Raymond has made a startling discovery: he is Asian. In love? And without a clue as to what it all means, or what to do next.

One first inspection, Carey appears to be your stereotypical schlep from the suburbs. Everyone knows someone like this guy. Blessed with well above average intelligence, talent, and virtually no discipline, Carey's never had to work for anything in life. Not that there's ever been anything worth working for. Until one day at dinner, when the girl with the major problems hit him literally like a slap in the face, and left him feeling something he'd ever felt before: desperation. And like his best friend, utterly flummoxed as to what to do next.

When you first meet Jasmine, you feel as though you've known her for years. She's uncommonly beautiful, she moves with effortless grace, and is surprisingly easy to talk to. You're certain everything comes easy to her. That she's never had a problem in her life. But you'd be dead wrong. She works harder than everyone you know, and has a generous, caring heart. Let's just say she appears to move through life as though someone's standing next to her with an umbrella, and has no idea there's anyone there. Or that it's raining in the first place. Trust us, she knows. But she'll never admit it.

Brilliant. Breathtaking. Dedicated. Hard working. Driven. A sure bet for an honors degree in Art History; a fine career to follow. Absolutely certain that what you get out of life is directly related to what you put in. That everything happens for a reason. And why not? She's been successful at most everything she's ever truly invested in. And everyone knows good things happen to good people, right? Perhaps. But as her senior year unfolds, she finds herself dealing with life in a way she's never known before. For starters, the guy of her dreams, the campus golden boy, has turned into the biggest jerk she's ever known. Then there's this earnest young lad determined to win her heart. A guy who seemingly won't take no for answer. Can't live without her. And quite possibly the most annoying buffoon she's ever met. So why can't she stop thinking about him?


Classic overachiever. Or is she? A jumble of contradictions. The next-to-youngest of eight children, and the apple of her parents' eyes, she made it out of the projects of Miami, finally graduating as her high school's salutatorian. Impressive for you and me, perhaps, but not for Mireia. Infuriated, embarrassed by her failure to become valedictorian, Mireia skipped her graduation, refusing to stand before her peers as second best, and immediately started packing for college. Now she's channeled that inexhaustible need for achievement into a significant college career at a prestigious university in the Northeast, and her folks are mortified. Still, she's right on track, six months from graduating Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor's in Psychology and a Doctorate to follow. Laser focused. Driven. So sure. Until life-altering events has her reevaluating everything and everyone.

Don't let his exotic-sounding name fool you. Fabbo was born and raised in Redondo Beach, California. Second in his class in High School, 1590 on his SAT's, Fabbo had his choice of full academic scholarships. Seeking a new challenge, he chose the Northeast, and has been thrilled ever since. His senior year finds him blossoming both personally and professionally, an auspicious future guaranteed. But (and there's always a "but") there's this one significant complication. THE ONE (there's also always a "THE ONE"). Failing to grapple With increasingly irrepressible feelings, Fabbo finds himself in a position he's never been before in his life: prefectly bewildered as to keep up with the changes shattering his perfect world.

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