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The Long Feared Lost Jasmine Lo Interview

Well.... Now that Jasmine's life, or at least this small if not significant part of her life, is being chronicled on the big screen, we are happy to present this transcript of her long lost college entrance interview for entrance to an institution that shall remain nameless (trust us - you'd be impressed). 


Q:  Alright, Ms. Lo.  Ms. Jasmine Lo is it?

J:  Yes sir.

Q:  Um...  Yes.  Yes indeed.  Yesterday, I went on with someone I believed to be Guy Randall only to discover after 45 minutes I was actually talking to Randall Guy.  Different person.  Very disturbing.  But now, anyway, where was I?

J:  Jasmine Lo, sir.

Q:  Yes of course.  Jasmine.  Lo.  Welcome to our esteemed institution of higher learning, Jasmine Lo.  How are you making out?

J:  Quite well, thank you.  The campus is beautiful.  Everyone's been real friendly.  This seems like a wonderful place.  I can really picture myself here.

Q:  Yes, of course.  I'm sure you can.  Ms. ... um... [begins leafing through sheets]

J: Jasmine Lo.

Q:  Right.  Jasmine.  Terribly sorry.  I must tell you, Ms. Lo, most people do tend to find their first experience here a bit intimidating.

J:  Intimidating?  Really?  I don't see that.

Q:  See what?

J:  Intimidating.  I don't find myself feeling that way at all here.

Q: Yes, of course.  Very well.  Very well, indeed.  Well then, let's get on with it, shall we?  I've a bunch of questions prepared on these, uh, sheets.  Let's just sort of plunge right in...

J:  Absolutely.

Q:  Brilliant.  Here we are then.  Right.  Where would you say the Hippocratic oath fits in a society where health care has so severely redefined, perhaps even limited the role that a Primary Care Physician can play within the context of the Doctor/Patient relationship?

J:  Excuse me?

Q:  One sec.  Oh dear.  Terribly sorry.  Wrong sheets.  Been dreadfully busy today.  Please bear with me.  Ah, yes, here we are.  Let's see.  Mmm hmmm...  Yes.... Yes indeed.  Yes, these are the ones.  Right.  Question number one.  Tell me about yourself, Ms. uh...

J:  Lo sir.  Jasmine.  Lo.  [pointing]  See?  It says so right at the top of this page.  Um, I guess you could say in many ways I'm your basic High School Senior - learning about life while living it.  I was born in Hartford, Connecticut, but my family moved to San Francisco when I was two years old.  I guess I had a pretty normal life there -- you know, your basic healthy, happy family.  I have a younger brother and a younger sister.  We do the usual sibling rivalry thing, but on the whole, we all get along pretty well.  My sister's a Sophomore in High School and has the best GPA in her class.  And my brother is finishing 9th grade.  He just placed first in the Western Sectionals of the National Science Fair -- my parents are so proud.  Anyway, my goal has always been to move back east for college.  Back to my roots you know?  The schools are among the best in the country, and I can barely remember the feeling of living through seasons.  The colors of Fall, the smell of snow in the Winter.  Anyway, big picture, my ultimate goal would be to go to med school to become a doctor.

Q:  Well put, Ms. Lo, well put.  One thing we certainly have to offer here is seasons.  I keep reminding myself that as I'm in my car, careening sideways down ice-laden Boylston Street in January just how much I enjoy the winter.  Dreadful experience, simply dreadful.  I must remember to change to snow tires next year.  Not that they're much help on ice I guess.  Granted that.  But certainly... [focusing]  Terribly sorry - where were we? [back to the sheets]  Right.  Medical school.  Yes, indeed.  Interesting.  Most of our incoming freshman tend to be a bit, uh, shall we say, on the undecided side when it comes to career choices.  What makes you so sure you want to be a doctor?

J:  It's what I've always wanted.  Since I was a little girl.  My parents both worked, and I was responsible for taking care of my brother and sister.  And they were constantly finding ways of getting themselves into mischief.  Or getting sick.  So I guess there's something amazingly wonderful about being able to help people when they need it the most.

Q:  Yes, indeed.  But being a doctor can also about being unable to help people, despite your best efforts.  How would you deal with that?

J:  By never being in a position where I am unable to help someone.

Q:  Really Ms. Lo.  Aren't you being a bit naive and unrealistic, if not perhaps a bit arrogant?  Surely, you must grant...

J:  No, not at all.  Quite the opposite.  The ways to help people are limitless, especially from the standpoint of being a doctor.   Now, obviously I can't cure every disease known to man.  I get that.  But I can always try my best to provide help, on whatever level, to my patients.  Whether it be counseling, referrals to the proper specialists, or whatever.  The key being to never stop trying, to never give up, and to always do your best to help the people who put their trust, make that their lives, in your hands.

Q:  Yes.  Yes, indeed.  [A long pause while he writes something].

Q:  Right.  Let's talk about High School, then.  Looking back over the past 3 years, how would you describe your High School experience?

J:  Looking back...  It's totally weird to think of High School like that.  In the past tense.  I mean, OK, I'll be in college in like 6 months, but I still feel like a High School senior, you know?  I still have classes to finish, finals to pass.  Student Council meetings...  Still...

Q:  Of course, that's only natural...

J:  ... in terms of my "high school experience", it's been awesome, in so many ways.  I've made a lot of friends.  From my neighborhood.  From my classes.  Through school organizations.  And I've totally enjoyed the learning experience that is school - I think my grades reflect that.  My parents have always, um, encouraged me to do well, and I've taken great pride in living up to their expectations.  And as I said, it's far from over -- there's still Comp. Night, Senior Prom, and of course Graduation itself.

Q:  You mentioned school organizations.  Can you elaborate?

J:  Sure.  I was involved with theater, school choir, the interact club, student government.  I did the cheerleader thing during my Sophomore and Junior years, but I had to give it up this year as things just got way hectic.  Being the Homecoming Queen was really neat.  Lately, I've been very active in Student Council as class president.  I actually get to have a say in what goes on with the school, which is really cool.  Outside of school, I'm involved with a youth group that does community service, helping out with underprivileged children.

Q:  My goodness.  A veritable plethora of extracurricular activities.  Do you ever have quality "me" time?

J:  Of course I do.  But being part of the community is something I really enjoy.  It's that idea of giving back.  Sort of speaks to that "Hippocratic Oath" thing you mentioned a while back.

Q:  I did?  [Shuffles papers]  Yes, yes of course, I did, didn't I.  Touché.  Well now, as I look at your application, I must say, between your grades and your extracurriculars, you do appear to be a most impressive candidate.  Most impressive, indeed.  But tell me, how do you manage to balance such an extraordinary schedule without completely, uh how do you kids call it, "stressing over"?

J:  "Stressing over".  Interesting.  Well, mostly, without oversimplifying,  I am just who I am.  Sure I've felt the pressure to get things done well, to achieve, but I rarely find myself having a problem with handling my workload.  I think that as long as you work hard and do your absolute best, things have a way of taking care of themselves..

Q:  Well, we shall see about that.  Now tell me Ms. Lo, what is it that YOU are hoping to gain from coming here?

J:  As I said earlier, I've always wanted to go to school on the east coast.  I want to go somewhere where I know I will receive a good education, but somewhere I can grow as well.  Sure, there are some great schools in California, or the West Coast, but I feel that, for me, it is important to explore and venture out into unknown territory, even if that does bring me back home, to where it all started.

Q:  And why, if I may be so bold, should we accept you?

J:  Because I'm me!  Ok, seriously, because my academic credentials are significantly above the average for incoming Freshman.  I know that I am as capable and intelligent as any other applicant you have.  And I can say with 100% certainty that I will work as hard as I can to make my college experience as rewarding as possible, both from an academic and personal standpoint as well.  And I will do everything within my power to give back to the community that I go to school in.

Q:  Well put, Ms. Lo.  Once again, quite well put.  I must say, it's been quite refreshing to interview such an impressive candidate.  Now while you understand I can't guarantee anything, I would say given your background and achievements you would fit in well here.  Quite well indeed.  It was certainly a pleasure to meet you.

J:  Thank you. It was nice meeting you as well.

Q: And, Ms. Lo...

J: Yes?

Q:  Do enjoy the rest of your Senior Year.  September will be here before you know it.  And you're only a High School Senior but once in your life.

J:  Thank you.  Thank you very much.  I sure will.  Now can you direct me to the library, please?

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