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Joe Fremont - Writer, Director, Executive Producer

"Through Different Eyes" is Joe's first coming of age story about multi-racial friends who meet while attending college on the East Coast. "I had a blast working on this project. It was a real cathartic experience. Almost like the characters came alive and wrote the thing for me. Although I thought it was a bit weird when Jasmine told me it was time to take a break from writing and put on some deodorant."

Joe has worked a number of movie sets, including the Miramax release of "I Love You, I Love You Not" starring Claire Danes, Jude Law, James Van Der Beek and Jeanne Moreau, written by WGA award winning screenwriter Wendy Kesselman, as well as numerous short form projects, including Stuart J. Zicherman's "Hitman Seeks Hitman" and the promotional short for "Nothing to Lose", directed by Eric Bross, starring Ron Eldard, Josh Hamilton and Cara Buono. The feature film saw its commercial release as "Ten Benny" starring Adrien Brody, and featured TDE's very own "Carey Albert" - Joseph Schommer - in his first feature film appearance.

A classically trained flutist and keyboard player (and music major in college for about an hour), Joe performed on Broadway at a sold-out "Caroline's" as the Music Director ofJake Fogelnest's " Squirt TV Live." Joe was most recently seen on stage reunited with his 8 piece jazz-rock high school band appropriately named "Octopus", performing on Long Island before an audience ofhundreds, some of whom are not actuall friends or relatives. Joe was also attached to compose the score for a feature length film entitled "Buffalo Woman" written by Kathy Anderson and produced by Michael Jascz' Straight Shooter Films. This compelling project, based on the true story of an 1800's woman from Buffalo, New York who was forced to pose as a man in order to attain the right to own land, and which was to feature Mary Stuart Masterson in the title role, failed to make it into production.

Joe is currently engaged with a number of auspicious projects, including the script for a spectacular action-thriller, true to life story of an American who finds himself unwittingly at the forefront of a struggle for civil rights in a far-off Asian country, potentially paying the ultimate price. Also under development are the true to life story of our nation's first CIA Mom, a true-to-life romantic dramedy based on the life of an important American publishing company executive, a 2 hour TV movie reunion script for a major network television series, and a newly optioned property about a bunch of 50-somethings re-discovering old friends and themselves in the process while re-uniting for a project for the first time in 30 years. "It's the busiest, most rewarding period I can ever remember. I guess the hardest part is finding time for that sleep thing I hear people talking about. When I get a moment, I'm totally going to look into it." Look for the website role out of the next project from Joe and the team at FreLuk Productions in the very near future.

Mary Ann Wong - Executive Producer, Production Designer

This is Mary Ann's first time on set after a long and decorated career as a Floral Designer, highlighted by a "Best In Show" award at the nationally acclaimed New York Flower Show at the Jacob Javits Center. Fans are looking forward to seeing Mary Ann's unique sense of color and light in bringing "Through Different Eyes" to film. "I'll admit I was hesitant at first when the Joe & Jim offered me this project. But I fell in love with the characters and just couldn't say no. That and the fact that changing my phone number every two weeks was getting to be a real hassle!"

Stephen "Lucky" Luckingham - Writer, Director, Executive Producer

Already a distinguished 1st AD and Sensei in the world of Judo, and former owner of the world renown Ju Nan Shin dojo in Manchester, Connecticut, Lucky brings an extensive production background to TDE, both in front of and behind the camera. Lucky appeared on screen as the character "Friendly" in the domestic release "Journey of the Steal-Proof Master". His prior efforts behind the camera include an acclaimed series of instructional videos entitled"Core Throwing Techniques of the Kodokan Judo Syllabus" featuring the legendary Steven R. Cunningham Sensei. Judo enthusiasts and newcomers alike have had nothing but the highest praise for this incredible achievement in the world of the martial arts training - witness the unanimous 5 star reviews over atAmazon.com. After a brief flirtation with aeronautics and pilot training at the prestigiousEmbry-Riddle Aeronautical University, in Prescott, Arizona, Lucky is back in Manchester Connecticut devoting his energies to film work full-time. A quick check ofLuck's profile at the IMDB shows no less than six projects over the past few years.

"Lucky's contribution to our project cannot be measured in words - he is quite simply TDE's guardian angel. We are talking about someone here who has accomplished a great deal in life, whether it be in the martial arts disciplines, film production or whatever. Lucky's work and spirituality has inspired a great many people, young and old. But from the moment he arrived on set, it was the project first, everything else second. I don't know where we'd be without his hard work and make-it-happen attitude. Simply put? If he's Lucky, well then we're the fortunate ones to have him in such a key role on the TDE management team." - writer, director Joe Fremont

Sandi Lucas - Producer, Unit Production Manager

After becoming our nation's first Mom to complete the CIA training program, Sandi spent the 80's doing what most of us only dream of doing - traveling the world serving her country as a spy. Capping a brilliant career, Sandi left the Agency in the early 90's but her wild ride was only beginning. The Los Angeles Times ran a record-long front page "story of her life" piece that was picked up by newspapers around the country. Hollywood took notice, of course, and she was soon overwhelmed with phone calls, e-mails, faxes, and letters all seeking to secure the rights to tell the story of her life. After appearing on countless radio and television shows ranging from ABC's "World News Tonight" with Peter Jennings to "The Gordon Elliott Show", Sandi, out of necessity, agreed to be represented by the prestigious William Morris Agency. She then became the subject of numerous treatments and pitches for a plethora of projects including book, movie, and television series. Indeed, it was these efforts that gave birth to the "spy boom" in TV and movies that we are currently experiencing today (for example, think: college aged hard body chick who sometimes sports weird red hair while serving as an uber-hip (say it with me) CIA agent). Sandi's unwavering commitment to quality and excellence serves her well here as she joins the "TDE" team. Look for her story finally to be told in a sensational screenplay currently under development by the same creative forces as those behind "TDE."

James T. Liu - Producer

Jim's determination, creativity and inspiration were critical to the birth of "Through Different Eyes". Jim has rejoined the project toward completion of principal photography after a lengthy hiatus. But despite the time away, he never lost his conviction in its importance or its value. "This story is absolutely compelling on so many levels. It's funny. It's heartwarming. Touching and uplifting. Let's face it - we're dealing here with the minority experience - what it's like to be a hyphenated American. And I don't believe there's ever been a film that treats the subject with as much accuracy, sensitivity and empathy as ours does. I am very, very proud of the work and my association with TDE."

Xavier A. Santiago - Producer, 1st Assistant Director, Key Lighting
Xavier is one of three in the TDE family who attended "The American Academy for the Dramatic Arts." Already well known to "TDE" fans as the actor portraying "Fabricio Gonçalves," Xavier stepped up into a variety of responsibilities and was critical to the early production success of TDE. Though Xavier scaled back his involvement with the project toward the completion of principal photography, his impact cannot be understated.

In addition to his outstanding work bringing one of the film's 6 main characters to life, Xavier jumped into a plethora of roles behind the camera, including some with which he was quite unfamiliar. It is a credit to his character and dedication that he performed them all so excpetionally well. For example, he came to TDE with relatively little experience with film lighting. But he embraced it, and before long became quite accomplished. There can be no doubt that the project would not be where it is today without his tireless and accomplished efforts." - writer, director Joe Fremont

The Associate Producers
  • Rich & Kelly Gearity
  • Joseph M. Carvalhido
  • Miriam Loren
  • David Sussman

William P. Bonomo - Chief Legal Counsel

Bill brings a multitude of talents to "Through Different Eyes." Not satisfied with a lucrative career in computer software design, Bill took the LSAT's for fun and achieved one of the country's highest scores. He then breezed through law school at Rutgers, passed the Bar on his first try and the rest is history. Not bad for a guy with a B.S. in Applied Mathematics & Statistics, an M.S. in Computer Science and, oh yeah, twins - one boy, one girl of course. It's comforting to know that the "TDE" legal team is repped by one of our country's brightest rising legal minds. Not that we'll ever need it, of course.

Ryan "Flash" Gearity - A.C., KEY P.A.

Eagle-eyed TDE fans can catch Ryan as the deep in thought "college test taker" at theTDE Media Gallery. We've seen Ryan grow about a foot since that first day on location back in the Summer of 2004. Ryan's deft work as focus puller has been extraordinary. That, and basically anything else you can think of, has made Ryan one of the longest tenured, hardest working members of the TDE family. Ryan's film-making career is by no means over now that TDE has wrapped - quite the opposite. TDE fans are directed to check out his latest efforthere!

Josh Slep - Boom Operator, Sound Engineer

New to the TDE family, Josh stepped right in as though he'd been with TDE for years. Nicknamed TDE's "Ninja-Boom-Op", Josh has performed incredibly well despite being relatively new to the art of field sound recording. Our only regret is the we didn't bring Josh on board sooner!

Tammy Tunyavongs - A.C., Boom Operator, Featured Extra

What can we say about Tammy? Or better yet, make that what can't we say? "If there's something out there Tammy can't do, I've yet to see it. She's an incredibly quick study, she's dead on with the camera, and always generous. Oh yeah, and she's a terrific actress in her own right. I'd hate to think of we're TDE would have been without her!" Tammy will also appear on screen in "Through Different Eyes". Check in on Tammy up close and personal at her officialwebsite.

Kelly Butler - Key P.A.
Kelly comes to "TDE" via a location shoot at Ridgefield's "Community Center". Kelly will be forever remembered as the source TDE's first "slate outtake". Not to be deterred, Kelly carried on exceptionally with in a variety of roles until leaving town for an elite prep school. Kelly's contributions to TDE are yet another critical building block to the success of the project.

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